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    How To: Set Up Hosting

    Setting up any sort of hosting had always seemed daunting until recently, there is nothing quite like the worry of putting a website live for everyone to see and critique. I’ve been working as a programmer for over two years now and due to working on a website that already exists, there was no need for me to have any domain knowledge, so until I wanted to put my own site live, I didn’t need to know how to do this. Getting a domain name This is relatively straightforward as there are many sites that will sell you domain names. I personally prefer to use GoDaddy as I find it very…

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    Hello World!

    I’ve created this blog to help extend my knowledge in the programming world, a sort of variation on Rubber Duck Debugging, as I’m a junior developer who has only been both in the industry and in the coding world for the past two years. I’m primarily a Front End Developer, however I also want to push out of my comfort zone, so I’m hoping to look into some backend work, such as APIs and GraphQL. Hopefully this helps someone else other than me along the way too! – Clare