I’m slightly late to the year-review-blogging party, but nevertheless here’s mine!

2018 has now come to a close and it’s been a great year!
I’ve had the chance to experience so many amazing things and I’m so thankful.

Travel ✈️

🇬🇧UK: London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh

🌎World: Corfu, Amsterdam, Paris

This was a big year for me as I started travelling the world without my parents! I was worried about it at first as I’ve always looked to them for guidance but it was finally time to take the plunge, and I was lucky enough to have three holidays.

Greece 🇬🇷

The first was our family holiday to Corfu. We love going to the Greek islands as it’s serene and beautiful – after a long time at work without a break it definitely helped me recharge my batteries!

Amsterdam 🇳🇱

For my 21st my best friends and I went to Amsterdam for 4 days and it’s such a memorable experience for me.

It’s always been a city I’ve wanted to visit and it totally exceeded my expectations!

I’ve never been to such a beautiful city and despite the fact I nearly got hit by every bicycle that went past, it’s one of the only places I’ve visited that I’ve come away thinking – I could happily live here.

Paris 🇫🇷

Tom and I went on our first holiday together and we chose Paris as the location.

We got to do all the main sights of Paris – we saw the Mona Lisa, we went to the summit of the Eiffel Tower and soaked up the beauty of the Notre Dame.

Despite the strike and the riots, it was an incredible long weekend.

Work 👩🏻‍💻

I hit three years at my current workplace and I’ve never been happier in any other job, however this year I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and after three years of being a software developer I decided I wanted a new challenge and started a secondment role as a Business Analyst in September.

The secondment gave me a new lease of life with my job, and getting up to come to work everyday became so much easier.

Since then I transitioned to the role full time! I’m so thankful to all those around me that facilitated this opportunity and supported me through the transition.

Fitness 💪🏻

2017 was my year of fitness, but unfortunately it didn’t continue into 2018 as I hoped it would.

I stopped working out as much and enjoyed spending my lunches watching YouTube than going for a real break and sweating the morning out.

However, something I did discover this year was Yoga.

Yoga has become my release for most of my frustrations, and it’s helping me achieve a state of zen, this is something I really want to continue in 2019!

Turning 21 🎉

One of my highlights this year was turning 21. Living in the UK 21 isn’t really as special an age, but it’s celebrated as one nonetheless.

I had an amazing birthday that included a spa trip and a meal with all my close family, followed by a mental night out with Tom’s housemates, topped off with a trip to Amsterdam – and not forgetting Disney on Ice!

Even at work I celebrated as I was greeted with a balloon bigger than me and confetti on my desk and my entire team (which is quite big!) sang happy birthday and bought me a cake.

I feel so blessed to have so many loving people around me, and I really don’t take this forgranted!

Goals for 2019 📝

  1. Worry less
  2. Save more
  3. Learn more languages
  4. Travel more
  5. Be mindful and look after my mental health
  6. Stay thankful