3 Year Workiversary!

I’ve now officially hit 3 years of service in my current job and, on recommendation from my mentor, it’s a perfect time to reflect over how far I’ve come in that time!

But before I begin I’d just like to give a quick shout out to my mentor (who has become more of a sponsor!) for the past three years of working with me on my career, helping me through my degree and just being an all-round nice guy!
I wouldn’t have the confidence I have today without your guidance!

1) From zero knowledge to mid-level developer

I joined my job on it’s apprenticeship scheme and not having the foggiest idea on how to code. I was very shy and paranoid about not learning quick enough, but one day it all started to click and I was picking it up at a rate I was happy with.
Fast forward 2.5 years and I’m now a mid-level developer, established in my career and thrilled with my knowledge base!

2) Public speaking

This is something I have always hated doing as it made me extremely nervous, I would go red and I felt like everyone could hear my heart beating through the microphone. So what was my way of getting over this? Keep doing it.
This didn’t just mean to a large forum, it meant running meetings or taking charge of a online call with my team.
The more I’ve talked the more comfortable I’ve got. So now I happily speak up in meetings, I’ve done talks to a wider audience – read my Ladies of Code talk here – and I’ve signed up for some talks for later on in the year!
(Although top tips for those who also go red – full coverage foundation is a godsend!)

3) Mistakes are inevitable

As I’ve mentioned I started work with no coding experience and although I’ve built it up so much, there are umpteen amounts of time I’ve gone wrong while trying to build a feature. BUT THIS IS FINE!
Everyone gets things wrong, you’ve just not got to let it get you down. Move on from it, and learn from it! No matter where you are in your career, you will make mistakes so best get used to it!

4) Try not to take things to heart

This means pull request comments and reviews and 360 feedback.
Everyone encounters bad feedback. Nobody likes hearing you didn’t do something the quickest way, or that you could improve somehow.
But you’ve just got to take this feedback and actually put it into practice! As I’ve said before, nobody wants you to fail!

5) It’s introduced me to a whole new world

Working in the technology has opened me up to so many opportunities, such as attending some awesome conferences such as inspireWiT, Empowering Women and Women of Silicon Roundabout, as well as getting so see new technology being built and getting to experience products before they are even released!
I’m part of such a crazy fast paced world, and I feel so blessed to be a part of it!

TL;DR working in technology is awesome!