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A Published Writer

When you were a child what did you want to be?

I wanted to be everything from a princess to an archaeologist, but the one thing I always wanted to be alongside these was a writer.

This started faltering in high school when I saw what other people were producing and became very self-conscious on every story I wrote.

It wasn’t until November last year when I started this blog that I fell in love with writing all over again and always tried to be proud of my work.
When blogging I self publish, so I never want anything to be published that I’m not relatively happy with or proud of, and because of this my writing confidence grew again.
I stopped comparing myself to other bloggers and started putting my own stamp and twist on my writing style.

In around March time, about five months after my blogging journey began, I was approached by a local magazine to write an article for their Tech Talks segment based on all the opportunities we have locally for getting into technology, in particular focussing on all the Women in Tech opportunities.

At first I struggled to get the words down, as with my blog I’ve never had to write to a brief, but soon the words started flowing and I had so much fun writing it!
I was so proud in the end, and submitting it was a huge moment for me.

I had to wait around a month for it to be published but as soon as it was I ran to the coffee shop opposite my work and picked up a couple of copies. Something that made me stop as soon as I picked it up was that I had made the Suffragette City issue. What a huge honour!

But best of all – my work had become tangible.

My entire team at work read it, as did my family and I’ve had such lovely feedback – I even got contacted on Twitter by a reader about my article!

I guess the moral of this little blog post is don’t let go of your dreams.
Mine ended up happening, which means there’s no reason as to why it wouldn’t for you.

If you want to pick up a copy, Independent Leeds is stocked in most independent shops and cafes in Leeds and it totally free.

Otherwise you can view it online here.

Also a quick appreciation to the AWESOME illustrations that accompany the article. I’m shook.