Monthly Reviews

August Review

The summer month has been and gone, but the sunshine doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

Women In Tech Meetups:

  • Drinks with some of the ladies in the Leeds tech scene
  • Ladies of Code August

🌟 Main highlights of the month:

👏🏻 Things I’ve learnt:

  • Nobody is worth standing in the rain for.
  • I got as good a tan in the UK while camping, as when I was in Greece!
  • Taking a trip down memory lane is a lot of fun.
  • I need to book more spa days.


At the beginning of the month my Ranger unit and I went camping for a week to Chamboree, a international Scout jamboree held in Cheshire.
It was my first jamboree and I really enjoyed it.

On the first full day we were greeted by Bear Grylls who let us know all the awesome things that would be happening in the upcoming week!

One of my highlights from camp was our sub-camps trip into Liverpool, we went to Starbuck (and sat on sofas!!!! OMG it was heaven!), played mini golf and went to Nandos! We also saw some of the Super Lambanana’s around the city centre, and as a momento, Beki bought me one for my car keys!

We also loved hanging around the main arena on an evening and dancing the night away!

Photo Credits: Chamboree

WiT Leeds Drinks

About two months ago a tweet was put out about a social for some of the ladies in tech in Leeds for drinks so we can all talk and get to know each other.

Thankfully this was actioned and around the start of the month I went along to The Botanist and met and caught up some of the lovely women of our tech scene. Over cocktails/mocktails and camembert we definitely had a lot to discuss!

It was so nice meeting everyone in such a relaxed environment and just talk about life!!

I’m so excited for the next one!

Photo Credits: Pauline Narvas

Christopher Robin

Winnie the Pooh is a character that has been part of my life forever. Literally. He was my first ever toy that I’ve had since birth. So when I saw that Christopher Robin was being released in August I couldn’t possibly not go!
As I mentioned on my last monthly review this is a spoiler free zone! So I won’t reveal anything that happened in the film, but all I will say is that the nostalgia is real!

Photo Credits: EW

Quote of the month

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