Autumn Is Here!

October is officially here! Time for my hibernation and happy mode to start!

The next three months are my favourite part of the year, I feel totally at home in the Autumn/Winter season and if you hadn’t guessed from the first line, they make me very happy!
A lot of things are already changing, such as the nights are getting darker, the leaves change colour and starting to fall of the trees and every time I go to the park there are conkers everywhere!

Reflecting On Summer

This summer has been so lovely and an awful lot has happened:

  • We’ve had a heat wave in the UK ☀️
  • I went to 3 concerts in the space of a month 🎤
  • I’ve travelled all over the England 🇬🇧
  • Summer holiday in Greece 🇬🇷
  • I’m happy ❤️

I will always remember Summer 2018 with fond memories, but I can’t wait to experience the autumn months too!

Goals For The Rest Of The Year

There’s a lot going on in my life at the moment, so when I take a break, I really need to do that.
Totally switching off is something I’ve never been that great at, but now I really see the importance of doing it.

I also want to attend and do as much as I can this winter. I have a whole winter bucket list that I want to get through to really help me switch off and get the most out of the upcoming seasons.

Plus these will activities will hopefully make good blog posts!

What do you like most about Autumn and what are you most looking forward to doing?