Beginning Yoga

Last Friday morning I attended my first yoga class of 2018.
I went to a yoga studio that wasn’t particularly local, but it was opposite my work, which meant it was perfect for an early morning yoga class.

This wasn’t my first time doing yoga, but before I have never really enjoyed it. The biggest reason for this is that I struggled with the upper body strength needed and my balancing is terrible! I finally decided that it wasn’t a good enough excuse to not attempt to do yoga as it has always been something I have been interested in pursuing.

Much to my surprise this time I didn’t feel as though I struggled as much.
Maybe this time was different as I’ve grown physically fitter, my core is stronger, which meant that my body was able to withstand the stretches. Which definitely made the class a lot more enjoyable for me.

After a very stressful morning, which included been stuck in traffic/hitting every red light and losing my voice, I was worried I wouldn’t be in the right mood for starting yoga. However, as soon as I arrived I was met with a very calming atmosphere, so much so that it was very easy to detach myself from the world and really immerse myself in what I was doing.

The class was based around the Yoga Essentials, which seemed like a good beginner starting point, especially as it ran in a similar time to my gym workouts – 45 minutes – so it passed very quickly.

Not being an experience yogi, I don’t know what is usual for a person to complete in a class, but we did a lot of balancing and stretching (that sounds silly, but I mean lunge type poses 😂). The resting position seemed to be the downward dog, which although difficult to begin with, became easier throughout the session as my hamstrings got used to the stretch.

Towards the end of the session we took part in guided meditation. Which being a huge fan of Calm – I really enjoyed.

When this started, the studio lights were switched off, and the only source of light in the room were the candles that were dotted about – which I hadn’t even noticed before!
This create the perfect environment for meditation, as the serenity of the room made it easy to focus your mind and stop it from wandering.

Apart from learning the different yoga positions, the only thing I really felt I struggled with was the breathing concept.
I found it difficult to align my breaths with my body movements, but I’m sure this will come with time, and it definitely gives me something to work on.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class and cannot wait for the next one! A possible successful start to one of my New Years Resolutions!

If you live in central Leeds and want to try yoga then I would definitely recommend Yoga Hero to get you started!