Blogging Therapy

Last week I started planning the next three months content for this blog.

But I did this because I’m generally a busy person so knowing what I want to write about helps me massively, as I don’t have time to plan on the fly what I’m doing due to what goes on in my free time. Having a plan on what I want to do helps me plan when I need to start writing, taking photos and scheduling all of my blog posts.
I’ve been doing this a lot recently and it’s making blogging become less stressful as I know I’ve already prepared something for the upcoming week.

That is until this week’s blog post.

I had planned to do an April Review, as I’ve loved writing monthly reviews recently, but this month nothing much has happened and what has I don’t particularly want to blog about.
So I’ve decided to not do my monthly review, and this left me very conflicted as I’ve been feeling like I have to write one as I’ve gotten into the routine, and I know a lot of you that read them do enjoy them, and I felt like I was letting you down.
But equally I want to be proud of the quality of work I produce, and didn’t want to publish a post that was written half-hearted.
But I’ve also noticed that my content is changing, and I want it to evolve even further and I’m ok with that.
I originally started this blog to further my technology skill and encourage me to look into new technologies so I could write about them, and I’m not going to stop doing this but doing this is few and far between, so I haven’t ended up with the content I initially thought I would.

And I’m glad I haven’t. I’ve been blogging consistently for 6 months now and I’ve loved that my blog has evolved from a technology one into a lifestyle one! I find it so much fun writing about stuff that I love reading on other people’s blogs, so be ready to read more on travel, books, makeup, skin care or anything else that I like!

So maybe it’s time to re-introduce myself –

Hi, I’m Clare, and I’m a 20-year-old beauty and skin care loving, gym obsessed, adventure seeking coder from Leeds.

I hope you enjoy the content I have planned over the next few months, I’m very excited to start writing it.

A big thank you to Lucy who helped me realise where I want to take my blog. Without our coffee date where we chatted about our blogs I would never have made this decision.