Self Care


Those eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed I went from posting every week, to not posting anything for 3 or 4 months.

But why?

I took too much on, and I suddenly couldn’t cope with how much I had on my plate.

By October I had:

  • my blog to run, write posts and publish
  • my job
  • learning a new job
  • trying to keep up my fitness
  • I took on a mentoring role
  • Plans to be a Code First:Girls instructor
  • keeping up my personal life

And so much more on top of this.
I feel so sorry for all of the people I made commitments to help, but I’m glad I put myself first as I was running myself into the ground.

Along with a few other things I decided to cut ties with my blog. It was hard to do as my little blog was doing so well! I was getting on average 600 views a month, and I was so proud of it. But I was bored of the content I was putting out, I was writing about anything and everything to make sure I had a post to go out every week, and this became a very unhealthy habit.

So what drove me to do all this?

Well as you can tell by the title, I burned myself out.
I didn’t take time out for me, and I wasn’t relaxing as there was always something for me to do, and it affected my health.

Now I don’t do this anymore.

I’ve taken a good amount of timeout and I feel really refreshed from it.
I’m still recovering from what happened, but I missed blogging as it’s a platform to be creative and at the moment I’m discovering lots of different channels to be creative and express myself. I’m finally putting my mental health first.

So what can you expect of clarecodes now?

I’m still going to be posting blog posts, but I’m not aiming for a consistent upload schedule.
I will be keeping to my usual Wednesday uploads, but they might not be weekly as they once were.

I’ve had a lot of fun redesigning the blog, changing platforms and thinking of new content and I hope you enjoy everything I have planned for clarecodes in the future.

Clare x