Hack Days

First Hack Day Thoughts

Last Friday I took part in my first every hack day.

Hack days have daunted me since the beginning of my career so I was quite hesitant for this event.
The idea of having a small group of people depending on everyone to have a certain skill set was a lot of pressure, that until recently I didn’t think I could cope with.

Thankfully this event was nothing large scale, it was just hosted by the overall team I work in.


And shockingly…

I loved every second.

Each team was made up of 3-4 people which and we had a set of around 6 products we could pick from to build.

Due to the size of each team, we were able to delegate the tasks to play on the strengths of the individual, which I really enjoyed as I could do the front end work along with one of my colleagues.


We started working not long after 10am and worked for two hours, stopping momentarily for lunch.
Reflecting on how much we had achieved by that point was astonishing!

We had the correct JSON output from the API we needed and had started making it appear on a static page, and the majority of the front end design work was almost complete.

We hacked away until around 3:30pm, hooking up both ends of the application to get it in a working state for our demo.

There were three other teams who had worked on different products to us, so it was great seeing what they had come up with, and in such a small space of time.
By the end of all the demos it was quite easy to see that we had solved, or at least made headway, into a lot of business cases.

By the end of the day I didn’t understand why I was so nervous about taking part in a hack day, and now I can’t wait for the next opportunity to be part of one, maybe even an external one next time!

TL;DR If you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone, you won’t know what you’re capable of achieving.

– Clare

Photograph credits to Rebecca McCarthy