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Gymshark Pop-Up

On Saturday, we travelled down to Birmingham, the home of Gymshark, as the brand was hosting their largest pop-up to date.

Gymshark is my favourite fitness wear brand, as the pieces are unbelievably flattering and comfy, and did I mention squat proof?! 😉
It’s quite expensive, but you really do pay for quality and that’s exactly what you get!

The event was due to open at 10am, so we arrived at the site at around 9:20am and already people were queuing around the block! This was when we realised how long the day was going to be.

While we were in the queue we made friends with the people around us, and without them the time queuing would definitely have felt longer than it was! We all were from different areas of the UK, us from the North and them from the South, so of course we had to compare how we pronounced different words!

We queued for just over 4 hours before we got let into the site, where we then had to join a further queue to meet the athletes.

Queue for the athletes!

While we were in the queue I managed to meet and get a photo with Melissa Alcantara, AKA Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer, which was amazing! I love her Instragram and she was one of my biggest fitspos there!

I also got to see my Tweet from earlier that morning on the big screen!! 😍


We queued in the athlete line for about an hour, but as it wasn’t really moving (and I’d met Mel), we decided to head for the shop instead.


The use of self-restraint in this shop was a real struggle!
I’d promised myself that I couldn’t buy a new sets as there’s only a certain amount of gym clothes you can wear!
But we knew we couldn’t leave without the event tops, which we’d seen the staff rocking all day.

The mens version was a black t-shirt with a long torso (SUPER FLATTERING) and the women’s was a black crop top, and for £20 we didn’t think these were badly priced!

How cute are the women’s event tops?!

We also got these really cute bags from the tills which were free! They included a #LiftBrum sticker (sadly there’s not room left on my Mac!) and a poster that you could get signed by the athletes.


Even though we didn’t get to meet the majority of the athletes we had such an amazing day!

9530c12e-30fa-4713-9c67-cf898999f507Twinning Couple ❤️

Did you attend the event? Or do you wear Gymshark clothes? I’d love to hear in the comments!