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How I Got Into Coding

One door closes and another one opens.

That’s what happened to me as I never planned to work in technology or the broadcasting industry!
I originally wanted to be a history teacher and specialise in 20th Century Warfare, but due to various reasons I knew this was out of my reach.
So I decided it was time to start playing life by my strengths, and started to focus on something I have always been good at – ICT.

Almost by fate in the weeks that followed, one of the media companies in the UK came into my college explaining their apprenticeship scheme which was being moved up North that year.
Instantly I knew it was what I wanted to do, despite the fact I had never coded before.
The presentation I was given about the apprenticeship heavily emphasised that previous coding knowledge was not necessary ass the apprenticeship would teach us everything we need to know.
As I was in my first year of A Levels, despite my greatest of wishes, I decided to wait a year to apply.


How many of you have ever been revising for exams and have entered an existential crisis because you think you’ll never pass? (Nearly everyone raises their hand 🙌🏻)

Well this happened to me and my knee jerk reaction was to apply for the apprenticeship. And it turns out everything happens for a reason, as I got the job. I also ended up passing my exams too! 😂

When applying to the apprenticeship there was a four step interview process before the job was offered:

  • Application
  • Unattended coding test
  • Telephone interview
  • Assessment centre

This was quite daunting for someone who didn’t have much, if any experience in development so I had to keep reminding myself that they were looking for the correct working behaviours, rather than coding ability as by this time the most coding I had ever done was 4 days for my unattended coding test!

Since that time, I’ve been a developer for almost three years, and learnt how to code whilst on the job. At the beginning this was difficult, as I didn’t know how systems hooked together or how application architecture worked, but as I was looking at it everyday it soon started coming together in my head.

Then one day it just clicked.

But it was waiting for this click that I was the most impatient for, but it did happen and now here I am a mid-level developer at 20 years old!
I never dreamt I’d be in this position, but I am so thankful that I am, because now I can’t imagine myself in any other job or industry.

And to the company I work for and the individual that came into my college and was so enthusiastic about what life was like at the company and what a great opportunity it was, I can’t thank either of you enough as I wouldn’t have this job without either of them.

Programming is a skill that I personally think we should all possess at this time as our lives are so heavily reliant on computers and the internet!

If you are interested in starting to learn how to code, I’d recommend using the following!

Free websites:

Paid Websites:

If you’re a developer – how did you get into this industry?