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How To: Set Up Hosting

IMG_0075.jpgSetting up any sort of hosting had always seemed daunting until recently, there is nothing quite like the worry of putting a website live for everyone to see and critique.

I’ve been working as a programmer for over two years now and due to working on a website that already exists, there was no need for me to have any domain knowledge, so until I wanted to put my own site live, I didn’t need to know how to do this.

Getting a domain name

This is relatively straightforward as there are many sites that will sell you domain names.
I personally prefer to use GoDaddy as I find it very simple to use, and there is a wide variety of TLD’s (Top Level Domain) available.

Something to watch out for when buying a domain name is the added extras after going to the checkout.
For example, GoDaddy offers you the chance to have easy set-up WordPress hosting and a custom email address tailored to your domain name at a monthly cost.
However something I do recommend is the privacy option, for less than £5 per year you can have your personal details protected, as when buying a domain name your personal details become traceable.


Once you have bought your domain name I would always recommend managing the settings for your DNS (Domain Name System) as in here you can forward your subdomain.

When you buy your domain, it does not come with www, nor is it a secure site (https://), therefore you want to point your subdomain at:

 ​www.<WEBSITE />

and have it forwarding to:

https://www.<WEBSITE / >


Hosting your site

For this, I used Firebase.
Firebase is a web and mobile development platform which is currently owned by Google, and because its run by Google, there is no need to set up an account, you can easily use your Google one.

When you access the Firebase website, navigate to GO TO CONSOLE, which can be found in the navigation bar. In here is where you will host your site.

All you need to do is simply add a project!

Once you have created your project, just navigate to the site bar to develop > hosting. When you’ve clicked get started, it will present you with this:

$ npm install -g firebase-tools

Then go inside your project in your command line and log into google using:

$ firebase login
And then initiate the project using:
$ firebase init
From here, it will ask you what you are wanting to use Firebase for. Press the <space> key until you reach Hosting and then press <enter>.
Then follow the instructions on the command line, this is will ask you where you want the main site page to be pulled from e.g. index.html.
Firebase will give you some things to set up in terms of subdomain routing to the site, but apart from this… congratulations 🎉 !!
You have a successfully hosted site!!
– Clare