Imposter Syndrome | Blogging

Hello! Remember me? 😉
I’ve been neglecting my blog a lot recently.

As many of you will know I stopped blogging for around 4 months last year for personal reasons, and then in January was back with a bang and a whole new redesign.
I maybe posted four blog posts and then disappeared again.

I’ve got imposter syndrome with blogging. I wrote a blog post in January 2018 about imposter syndrome and how it can affect your work, however I’d never experienced it in anything other than my career – until now!

So why could I be feeling this?

Well, to be honest it’s because I read a lot of amazing blogs and I don’t know how mine will compare to them.
I want to switch up my content, as you might have noticed recently, it’s taken a huge turn into people I find inspiring and beauty. And why not as these are blog posts I like to read!

I have a huge backlog of blog posts I’ve either half or fully written, but given up as I didn’t know if anyone would like to read them. I got a lovely response from someone on Twitter that felt the same, but if we don’t publish them, how would we ever know what the response actually was?

So… here’s to hopefully putting a stop to the imposter syndrome!

I’ll be uploading some new content soon, and maybe brace yourself for some make up releases that came out around a month ago but I’ve been too nervous post about them until now!

Thank you for reading.

Clare x