Monthly Reviews

January Review

Can you believe its 2018?!
I can’t either, in my head it still feels like it’s 2012, but here we are one month down!
It has already been so action packed that it has made the month fly by!

January has felt like an extremely well-balanced month, it has been packed, but it has also at times been steady. It’s been slightly stressful, but equally there have been moments this month that have been so calming and peaceful.

When I started this blog around 2 months ago I wasn’t sure I wanted to do monthly review blog posts, but here we are!
I’m really enjoying having this blog, I have been lucky enough to get lots of positive feedback from those that have read it, but it is great to finally be writing again. I really forgot how much I loved it, and I feel so happy that this blog has helped resurface that love.


I made one it one of my new years resolutions to start travelling more, whether that was inside of the UK or outside of it, and within two weeks of the year beginning I was off on my first trip!
After quiet a stressful drive to the east coast (does anyone else panic to high heaven when their tyre pressure light comes on? Nope… just me..?) I arrived at Bridlington.

Bridlington holds a lot of lovely memories for me as it is where my Mum and Dad took me and my brother on holiday when we were younger, so seeing it as an adult had me reminiscing a lot!
Seeing the beach we used to lounge on and the places we used to play was so much fun!

I love to be by the sea as it looks so picturesque, and I could quite happily sit and watch the waves for hours. I am very much a city girl, but sometimes getting away from a city really does do you a lot of good!

I had the most wonderful time in Brid, and every time I look back on that weekend I can’t help but smile. ❤️


Health and Wellbeing

This month, extremely unintentionally, has been a time where I have upped my self-care. As I mentioned in a previous blog post I have just started yoga, which I am throughly enjoying, however I’m not being strict on my yoga schedule as I have recently started a new fitness regime – the Grace Fit Guide.
I started this as quite a few people I follow on Instagram are currently taking part in it, and having seen some progress photos I thought I might jump on the bandwagon. I’m currently not as far into it as I should be at this point because I pushed myself too much and injured my back 😢 please don’t push yourself too much!
Having purchased these workouts I really hope this will reignite the love I have for the gym as recently it has been faltering, I still go but my drive to be there has gone, but now I’ve got something to work towards again this should definitely help!

Other things I have been doing is making use of the sleep stories on the Calm app 😴. I don’t have any issues falling asleep, it’s waking up in the night and looking at the clock which is my issue.
I wake up for reasons beyond me, look at my clock, and calculate how much sleep I will get if I fall asleep at that minute before I have to go to work – which really isn’t healthy.
So recently I’ve been putting sleep stories on just as I’m settling into bed, and so far using this technique, I haven’t woken up throughout the night – which is wonderful! 💤

I’ve also tried to be good at taking daily vitamins. Sadly, like many others, I suffer from eczema. I haven’t had it since childhood, only in recent months has it appeared, so finding ways to deal with it has been challenging.
Using fragrance-free moisturiser has been the biggest change for me – as I have been used to being able to wear whatever moisturiser I want – but in the past few week using this and taking a daily hay fever tablet hasn’t really been enough.
So like every other millennial I consulted Google for help and read that apparently taking Omega Fish Oils and Probiotics help reduce the chance of inflammation. So I am currently trying that out to see if help ease it. Fingers crossed!

Pushing Myself out of my Comfort Zone

I’ve tried really hard to push myself out of my comfort zone this month and I think I can quite happily say I have achieved it!
I did a talk on two topics that are close to my heart, apprenticeships and imposter syndrome, agreed to go into local schools to talk to pupils and take part in future talks, with hopefully some more currently in the pipeline!

I’ve also started getting braver about showcasing my blog. Whenever I upload a blog post I always link to it on my Twitter, but when I have been blogging about work related things recently I have decided to link to it on LinkedIn, and one post I was particularly proud of, I linked to on my personal Facebook.
Posting on LinkedIn didn’t really worry me much, but linking to something I’ve done on Facebook did, as people I actually know and see have me on it. But it was met with some lovely comments on both platforms and really helped me believe in myself a bit more.

I’ve also tried to ensure I take on more responsibilities at work, as this will only further my knowledge! So far I’m on a new project that I am very excited about!

Looking to the Future

For the first time (in forever… 🎶)  I’ve used this January to not only plan out this month, but the WHOLE year! GO ME!!!!

Now I know money is one of those topics that is meant to be hush-hush, but being an adult includes lots of responsibilities, most of which are pretty expensive, so I’ve tried forecasting what expenses are coming up in the year to help cope with the costs – as generally I just let myself get surprised by them! If anything I am just proud at myself for upping my game with my money – it’s a good sign of maturity!

But I’ve not only been planning out my year in terms of money, I’ve been looking at what the year holds for me event-wise. It’s so important to always have something to look forward to, and I’m very lucky to have holidays, camping trips and day trips to look forward to!
I can’t emphasise how important this is when you are working, as it gives you something fun to do on your days off, and it gives you an aim to work towards.
Next month I have quite a lot planned already, like becoming a Code First:Girls Instructor!

Another thing I am planning is the way I want my blog to go. I think I’ve now worked out what I enjoy writing about, what I don’t, and the style that suits me.
Thanks to this, I’ve started writing down all of my planned blog posts for the next two months, so that I know what I want to write about, and if it needs writing over a certain period of time before I publish it.
This has really helped my head space with my blog as it now feels like this little bit of the internet has a bit direction.
As I’ve written down all the content I want to publish over the next couple of months I am very excited!

All that’s left to say is bring on February!! 😃 🙌