Jumping The Fence

In September 2018 I took on a secondment role as a Business Analyst with the aim of transitioning into the role full time.

My secondment was 3 months, and as time passed I fell in love with the role. I loved the different project phases I’d never been exposed to as a developer, and being part of initial project discussions. Seeing a project go from conception to fruition is such an amazing feeling!

Moving job roles was a welcome change for me, because as much as I’ve loved my software development adventure, I knew it was time to move onto another role, and try my hand at something new.
Business Analyst seemed to fit this perfectly as I’ve always been interested in the job since I joined digital and it’s a very personable job including lots of talking, writing, investigation – all things I’m good at!

I’m loving sitting on conference calls, making notes in my pretty notebook and help turn a vision into reality!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a developer and I’ll always be thankful for the journey it took me on, but I can’t wait to see where this new venture takes me!

I’ve learnt so much in these past 5 months:

  • Project life cycles are huge!
  • Having technical understanding is a blessing and a curse at the same time!
  • Organisation is key! This applies to your calendar, notes and state of your desk! I bought some lovely desk organisers from Paperchase to help this.
  • Sometimes you may feel like you need to split in two to cope with all the calls and work – but you can do this!
  • If a door opens you grab that opportunity with both hands.

If a similar opportunity arises for you and you feel like it’s the right time then take it. Job’s don’t wait for anyone so if that’s what you want to do then trust your gut and apply.

So thats my small life update. Clarecodes doesn’t code anymore, but it’s not a skill I’m letting go of ❤️

Clare x