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London Calling

Last weekend Tom and I went to London for three days and we had such an amazing time!
The main reason for our trip was because we were going to see The Lion King at the West End (spoiler it was incredible 😍).

I’ve been to London so many times on business trips or to attend a conference, so it’s been quite a while since I’ve visited for leisure and was able to just aimlessly wander around!

I was shocked at how much sightseeing we managed to fit into each day, it felt like we never got chance to sit down! So considering how much we did, I’ll summarise my favourite moments and some useful tips for if you are visiting London anytime soon!

The Lion King


I’ve been lucky enough to have seen two shows in the West End before, Wicked and Kinky Boots, and I can easily say, The Lion King was the best I’ve seen.
The costumes, the acting and the music (which included songs not part of the Disney movie) was incredible and impeccably put together.
It generally takes me a while to start crying at a film/play, but as soon as it began and The Circle Of Life began playing I was sobbing!!!
I was lucky enough to get us seats on the front row in the stalls (AKA first row!) and I think that made our experience of it all the more magical as it felt we were up and close with it all!



We decided to visit Harrods as we both love shopping, and what a better place to do it than at one of the most famous department stores?!
Walking around Harrods was an experience like no other, it was so exquisite and looked so perfect – I just wish I had the money to properly shop in there!
Tom had to more or less drag me away from the Hermes bags and the Alexander McQueen clothes, but at least I now have major shopping goals! 😂


Of course I had to go into the beauty section and OH. MY. GOSH. it was amazing!!! Especially as there were counters for brands that generally you can only buy directly from their websites or from Cult Beauty.
While I was in this section I finally caved and bought the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I’ve been lusting over this powder for the past 5 or so years, especially as YouTubers and beauty gurus rave about it – and can I just say, money well spent!

The only other place we purchased from was the Harrods Gift Shop, where we got some memorable keepsakes.

However, my FAVOURITE section was the bakery. Anyone who knows me will know I have such a sweet tooth so seeing the patisserie was mind-blowing. I say mind blowing as some of the decorations on the cakes looked like ornate wallpaper not a cake!


The London Eye


Despite all the times I’ve visited London, going on the London Eye has been something I’ve never had chance to do.
We pre-booked our ride, which was both smart and risky as if we didn’t have the right weather, the chance of us seeing much was very low.


But we had glorious weather!!
Plus I can’t think of a better day to go up the London Eye than the day of the Royal Wedding as we saw the streets lining with people, and even crowds forming at Buckingham Palace! It was such a lovely thing to do, and really give me an appreciation at how close everything is together – London isn’t as big as I thought!


Whittard of Chelsea Tea Bar – Covent Garden

If you live in the UK and have never been to a Whittard’s shop then I challenge you to go into one next time and try their tea. It is the best tea ever. And that is coming from someone who is a very loyal Yorkshire Tea drinker.

At the tea bar I decided to have my favourite tea from Whittard, the English Rose blend, and Tom, after much deliberation, decided to join me.
We loved it, and have vowed to buy lots of it when Tom moves into his new house. I think we are about to enter a tea obsession phase!!!


Something else I loved about the Tea Bar was the display outside. It was beautifully done and was also Alice in Wonderland themed! It was so effective!
Something that probably made it more special for me was that it was designed by one of the sons of one of my mum’s friends. It’s so amazing seeing other people doing well!!

The gorgeous display


Cheeky picture infront of the display

Tips For Visiting London

  • Put fashion aside and wear decent footwear! Be prepared for aching feet, over the long weekend we hit around 60,000 steps and I couldn’t have done that in my heeled boots!
  • Download Citymapper! No need to worry about what Underground line/bus you need to be on and in what direction, this app does it for you! It even gives you an ETA AND calculates how much each journey will cost you!!!
  • If you are travelling via tube or bus then purchase a Day Travel Pass as it will save you a lot of money. We made the mistake of not getting one on the first day and we ended up paying a lot more than we should have done!
  • If you choose to do any of the paid sights, then pre-book and pay online. It saves you a tonne of money and you can queue jump.
  • If you are going at a time that clashes with an event (for example, it was the Royal Wedding when we went to London), pre-book your evening meal to avoid disappointment. There will be hardly any restaurant that has space for walk up booking if an event is happening.