How To

My Blog Writing Process

Something I have always admired in bloggers is their ability to put out (at least) one blog post a week.
As a reader I took this for granted and just assumed every blogger was a blogger full-time.
Now that I’m a blogger and have blogger friends I realise this was a very naive point of view.

Blogging is hard work.

I work full-time and I make sure I have one blog post going live every week. Alongside my personal life this is extremely difficult to keep up with.
As I’m not willing to sacrifice anything, what process have I put in place to ensure my blog has a healthy upload schedule?

1) Commit to an upload day

My upload day is Wednesday, and I try to never miss a Wednesday upload, however a blog post might go up on a day instead if that day has a link to the post that is being uploaded.

2) Plan your posts

I have a book that I write down all the dates I am planning to upload and what I am planning to upload on those days.
These gives me an idea on what topics I am planning to talk about and it also gives me head space to plan the images that will do with it. Do I need to outsource photos? do I already have an image that will fit? Do I need to do a photo shoot?
Planning ahead means I don’t have to worry about these questions.

I also make sure I look at my calendar to see what I am doing around that date to see if I can make a blog post out of it!

3) Write your blog post in advance

I get extremely stressed when I realise it’s almost Wednesday and I haven’t written my blog post for the week yet.
To try combat this I’m currently aiming to write blog posts up to 6 weeks in advance. Trying to be ahead of the game means I only worry about blog posts over a month away rather than posts that are due to go up that week.

4) Schedule, schedule, schedule!!

Have a good blog post idea for Christmas but it’s Easter? Write it and then schedule it. Don’t let any of your ideas be forgotten!
Plus regular scheduling means your posts go out at the same time every week, letting your readers know when to expect posts!

On my blog I schedule for 6:30am.

These are just a few things I do to maintain a healthy blog and head space.
Do you have a blog? What’s your blog writing process?