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My Introduction To The BYC

A couple of months ago I was announced as the North East England representative for Girlguiding delegation in the British Youth Council.

What is the BYC?

The BYC is an youth-led charity that gives under 25s in Britain a voice in politics. It is made up of over 200 member organisations who presentation motions to be voted on, and in turn be presented in the House of Commons to be actioned. This is done by an MP acting as Honorary President.

As a Girlguiding delegate, I will be representing and voting on the put forward motions, which happen at the Annual Council Meeting.

My Introduction

I travelled down to London for the day to visit Girlguiding Headquarters (my first time there!) where I met the other delegates and found out all about what the BYC does and what my role entails.
This was mainly based around the Annual Council Meeting that is upcoming so that I had a gist of what would be going on.
I also found about the motions we are putting forward, which includes us trying to tackle period poverty. This was the motion that resonated with me the most as I’ve seen period poverty in people I have known.

Period poverty is something that Girlguiding is currently campaigning for as we want to ensure that every person that requires period products has access to them.
They are doing this multiple ways, such as raising awareness through the #endperiodpoverty hashtag on twitter and by members pledging to look talk about women’s health so we remove the stigma surrounding menstruation and that it is ‘unclean’ and something we should be ashamed of.

Our members are also being proactive and getting all local units to ensure they have period products on hand, so that even if an individual can’t afford them, they still have access to them.
We are doing this because one in ten girls in the UK can’t afford to buy period products (FYI I’m not calling them sanitary products as the word ‘sanitary’ promotes the idea of uncleanliness) and 49% of girls have lied to get out of school because they are on their period.

We need to remove the shame surrounding this topic. The more we talk about it, the more normal it becomes.

You can read more about what Girlguiding are doing around this topic here.

In September (after the Annual Council Meeting) I will have a broader view of what the BYC does and how it works so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Let me know what you think would be good motions to put forward for next year that affect young people!