New Year, New Me?

What are your thoughts on New Years Resolutions?

Personally, I’m very skeptical.

I admit, every year I set ‘resolutions’, however I don’t view them as that. I see resolutions as little promises to myself that I will try my upmost to complete within the year, not just the first month.

Last year I promised myself I would get fit and get toned up, however sport has never been something that has particularly interested me, so I really had to dig deep for motivation.
And the way I did that was join a new gym. A fresh start for a new resolution.

It did the trick.

I’ve always been intimidated by gyms, especially when you see very muscular men doing weights. It always made me think, they’d laugh at me if I picked up some light dumbbells.

Whereas at the gym I joined, and still currently attend, is class based. Which means lots of body weight work and nearly zero machines.
I love it there, there is no intimidation, no worry of what others think as unlike in a large gym, you can see everyone is on their own little journey, and the effort they are putting into it, and if it wasn’t for this, I’m not sure I would have stuck it out.

This year’s “resolutions”

This year I have decided it is a good idea to give myself five resolutions (because if you can do one, you can do five – right…?), focussing on different areas of my life.

1) Keep up the fitness

Last year I did the main bulk of weight loss and toning, now it is time to keep up that momentum, but start giving my abdominals attention and also start lifting weights, as this is what makes you strong – but also keeps you toned.

Please Clare – you can do it!

2) Mindfulness

I love using the Calm app, but I must admit, I don’t use it as much as I probably should.
So my aim is to try and meditate most days a week.
This will help keep stress and anxiety levels lower, but it also puts me in a really good mood for the day ahead.

3) Self-learning

Code, code, code!

Lets see how far we can push our knowledge this year! There is so much to learn and to better my skill set with, so that is the biggest aim for this year.
I will be looking at attempting to complete at least 4 coding sessions, outside of work a week, for the rest of the year.
Not only will it help further my career, but it will make me a better and more rounded developer.

4) Yoga

Yoga is something that I have always been interested in, but have never had the time to get into.
So this year I will be either looking to join the local yoga club, or will try and do it in the comfort of my own home, using either YouTube or an app for help.

5) Travel!

It’s time you start travelling!
You are 20 and have no responsibilities! There isn’t a better time to start!
It doesn’t have to be abroad – yet this will be in the mix!
Let’s just go and see different cities and appreciate what the world has to offer!


Lets see how well I do shall we? đŸ˜‰
If you’ve set any, I hope you keep them!

– Clare