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Oily Hair? Go Vegan

LUSH is one of my favourite brands and shops. I’ve been using their bath bombs and bubble bars for years, and like any other LUSH fan as soon as Snow Fairy and The Lord of Misrule shower gels are brought out in the Autumn you can bet I’m one of the first to purchase them!

For around 2-3 years I only used LUSH for their bathing products and never branched out to see what other things they sold.
This changed when I became in desperate need of a new shampoo that worked.

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post I suffer with acne and around two years ago my hair became unbelievably greasy and no shampoo from the supermarket seemed to help. I must have bought around 4 shampoos in the space of a month and ended up throwing each one away.

This was around the time I started getting into understanding the ingredients of make up, hair care and skin care and when looking at the back of the tubes I could see they had a lot of chemicals in them that probably wasn’t helping my scalp. So I turned to the company I knew that had very clean products – LUSH.

I went into my local shop and after a hair care consultation, I walked out of the shop with I Love Juicy shampoo and R&B Hair Moisturiser.

I haven’t used anything else since.

So why do I love these products so much?

Firstly, the shampoo is full of enzymes that break down the impurities on your scalp, and in my case it strips my hair and scalp of all oils (which some people might not see as a good thing but my oily people out there will know!) which leaves me feeling cleaner and being more confident about the appearance of my hair.
After so long of using it I’m also able to leave it for even longer between washes. When I first got I Love Juicy I was washing my hair everyday, this quickly became washing every two days and now I can easily go three days! Dry shampoo reacts to the oil in my scalp so I can’t use it so trust me when I say this stuff WORKS.

And secondly, the conditioner isn’t really a conditioner – it’s a hair moisturiser that I use in place of a conditioner.
As conditioners – yup you guessed it, contributed to the grease levels – I stopped using them, so I needed to find a replacement.
With a hair moisturiser, I run this through the lengths of my wet hair, avoiding my roots and then towel dry it after a while. This leaves my hair unbelievably soft and gives the lengths of my hair a healthy shine.

The only downsides to these products are that they do smell quite earthy which I know isn’t for everyone – including me! So what I do to combat this is use nice smelling heat protectants and volumising sprays to mask the smell, and as I wash my hair on an evening, by morning it’s generally gone.

I’ve been using these products religiously for two years and now I’m in a place where I’m unbelievably confident with my hair and in a routine that works for me!

Thank you LUSH!