Paying It Forward

Years ago I attended a seminar on software engineering, and listened to someone passionately speak about their job and what they love most about being part of the tech scene.
Fast forward to present day, and I’m doing the same.

This week I was asked to return to my college to speak to Computer Science students about what it’s like working in the industry, and why you don’t need to go to university to become a programmer.
It was an amazing experience, as for the first time I was talking to people who were genuinely interested in the field I’m in, and I could talk technical if I wished.

I’m always happy to speak to others about my job, how I entered into my profession and giving tips to others because someone did that for me, so it’s imperative that I do the same and pay it forward because if someone didn’t do that for me, then I wouldn’t be where I am now.

My peers taught me how to code, so I try my best to do this with apprentices and graduates at work, but being part of the Code First:Girls community helps this too. Helping women who want to learn how to code, or who want a career change is so rewarding!

It’s the best feeling when you see the lightbulb moment happen when someone has been struggling over a problem, and to have been a part of that really does bring me a lot of joy!

It’s important to do this in all aspects of life too. For example, I volunteer in Girlguiding not only because I want to but because someone did it for me, and from that I have so many amazing memories!

So if you ever get the opportunity to pay something forward, then take it!