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Positive Lifestyle Changes

Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed my lifestyle could be a lot healthier so I’ve started to make conscious changes to help improve this!
I’ve been using my Apple Watch to its full potential recently and it’s really helped me bring in a healthier routine to my life! I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I’m loving it!

Gym 💪🏻

I aim to go to the gym around 5 times a week, but as I go in a lunchtime I sometimes can’t make it due to meetings or the set up of my day.
Recently whilst I’ve been at the gym I’ve been doing the Grace Fit Guide which I’m absolutely loving, but doing it has taken all the cardio out of my workouts, so now I’m making sure I don’t just do strength training, I’m doing a lot more conditioning work too!
I now aim to do 2-3 days cardio and 2 days of strength training!

Water Intake 💧

At the beginning of the year my gym posted on the Facebook group how we can work out how much water we should be drinking a day to fuel our bodies.
After working out mine I now take my beautiful Camelbak Eddy water bottle to work to make sure I hit my daily amount.

I’m really feeling the benefits of drinking a lot more water as I’m feeling more alert and my skin looks a lot brighter!

Swapping Out Foods 🍎

As I work in an office the temptation to snack is extremely high, so I’m trying to catch myself when I start to snack.

I’ve replaced my bread based breakfast for berries and yoghurt, and my mid morning snacks which always seemed to end up being chocolate based for apples and oranges.

I’m also slowly trying to change my lunchtime and tea time habits, but I’m not pressuring myself, as the breakfast and snack changes are already giving me that extra boost.


As any of you have read my previous blog posts or have seen my Twitter, you will know that I am a huge fan of Calm.
In February my meditation drastically dropped so since then I have made sure I am meditating every day.

The Daily Calm meditations are my favourite, as they are 10 minutes so it fits into my morning routine perfectly.
Not only this but also the topics they cover and the quotes you can download at the end of each meditation always seem to give the right advice, each one seems to come at a time that I need it most.

I’ve also been incorporating the Sleep Stories into my daily routine, which I initially tried on a whim as I was having a lot of busy dreams and broken sleep. It worked instantly and since using Sleep Stories my sleeping pattern has drastically improved.

I am forever thankful that Calm exists and helps me so much! 🙌🏻

Having A Set Bedtime And Wake Up Time 😴

This year so far my sleeping pattern has been atrocious! I would be going to sleep at around 11pm – 12am and getting up at 6:30 everyday to go to work.
Some people can live with this sleep pattern, but sadly I’m not one of those people.

I was ending up grumpy and tired and just wishing that I could go to bed, and that’s not a good frame of mind to be in! Why do that to yourself just because other people are?!

So now I have a set bedtime and I no longer press snooze on my alarm.
I’m feeling a lot more brighter for it and as I heard recently, the best way to be a morning person is get up when you’re meant to!

Using Sleepy from LUSH has definitely helped keep this bedtime routine in check too! The lavender based body lotion helps you slowly drift off to sleep without having to try too hard!

Pillow 🌛

I was recommended Pillow by a work colleague. We were having a conversation on how I was thinking of getting a Fitbit to help track my sleep. As he knew I had an Apple Watch he told me to try this app to track my sleep and honestly, I love it!
Pillow tracks:

  • REM Sleep (time you are dreaming)
  • Light Sleep
  • Deep Sleep
  • Time Awake

But it’s also got some other features which I think are brilliant! It tracks your heart rate and any sounds you make in your sleep – so if you’ve ever been told you talk in your sleep, this is a chance for you to hear what you say!

I would definitely recommend Pillow to anyone with an Apple Watch!

Apple Watch ⌚️

I’ve had my Apple Watch for over two years now, but I think I’m only just starting to utilise it!
I now use it to track my sleep, my heart rate, my workouts, how active I’ve been during the day and so much more!

I know feel like I’d be lost without it on my wrist and I’m so glad it now feels like less of a second notification centre, and more of a way to help me better my lifestyle!

So if you have an Apple Watch and are tempted to get a Fitbit, similar to what I was thinking around a month ago, then don’t! There are so many ways you can use your watch it’s just discovering its full capabilities first!

So these are the main changes I’ve been making!
Have you been making any changes to your lifestyle recently?