Press For Progress

March 8th marks International Women’s Day and the beginning of IWD’s new initiative #PressForProgress.

So what is Press For Progress?

The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report stated that gender parity is over 200 years away, meaning that gender equality is forecast 300 years after the Suffragette’s helped women achieve the vote in 1918.
Although this statistic is quite disheartening, it’s important to remember that the #MeToo and #TimesUp initiatives have gained/and are gaining global momentum for gender parity, and so it’s a topic that we are all aware of, and it isn’t being brushed under the carpet.
So to aid this further, we have Press For Progress, which aims to unite friends, colleagues and communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.

A handful of us are lucky, we haven’t experienced a pay gap, and don’t experience sexism on a regular basis, but just because this might not touch one person – it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening to someone else! So we have to keep campaigning and keep the momentum going for our sisters!

It’s so important that we try not to get jealous or try to one-up other women around us too. There are so many people – men and women alike – who would quite happily tear a person down for doing well, so instead let’s try and give kudos when it’s needed, and route for that individual!
Lets start empowering the women around us and celebrate each other’s success!

So on that note I’d like to talk about a few women I find inspiring!

Dodie Clark

I’ve been following Dodie on her social media for a few years now, and over this time she has gone from singing original songs behind a camera, to releasing her EPs! Something I love about her music is that she writes her songs with raw emotion, and the listener can hear it!
Being a viewer and a listening of Dodie’s, it’s noticeable that no matter how far her music has gone, she still seems to maintain her roots and is genuinely thankful for every opportunity that has come her way.
But the thing I look up to Dodie most for is her vocalising her battle with mental health. She is very truthful with how she feels, and when I was struggling, hearing her talk about what she was going through made me feel less alone, and her music has always been a great escape for me.

Meg Says

Similarly to Dodie, I’ve been following Meg Says for a few years now. I’m unsure which I found first – her blog or her YouTube channel!
Something I love about the platforms Meg has collated for herself is that they are always such as warm, positive place and I’ve never come across another creator that seems so genuinely bubbly and happy and this definitely translates into her content!
Meg’s YouTube channel is something I can just watch with a cup of tea and by the end I feel quite fuzzy thanks to her positivity, and her blog posts are great, easy reads but they’re also informative about certain products, never mind that her gift guides are lush!
Something that Meg talks about is that she suffers from chronic illness, and her struggles with it. It’s inspiring that she speaks out about this and helps educate young girls on what she is going through.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

AKA Bodyposipanda!
I followed Megan on Instagram towards the end of last year and stumbled across her social media at the best time.
I was going to the gym around 5 times a week, trying to achieve the media’s idea of the perfect female body.
While I was getting quite low about this, I came across Megan. Her Instagram posts and the captions that she wrote to go with them about body positivity, showed me that I don’t need to have the “perfect” body, and that as long as I am happy, I am living my best life!
Something she said really resonated with me, ignore the scales! My happiness is more important than the numbers on a scale, so I became less body conscious!
She really is breaking the mould with her positive body image!

I hope you have a great International Women’s Day and together we really can #PressForProgress!