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Relaxing Seaside Weekend

The past week has been jam packed for me, and I’ve been away too so after a few hours returning back to normality on Saturday I drove straight to Tom’s house at the seaside for a nice chilled out weekend!
Not only was it a lovely weekend, but it was also his birthday which made it even more special!

🎉 Happy Birthday Thomas! 🎉

We went out for a lovely meal when I arrived and I got to experience Unicorn Gin for the first time too!
For those that don’t know Unicorn Gin is Gordon’s Pink Gin, Unicorn Tears Liquor (its actually a thing!), candyfloss and tonic water. It tastes INSANE!
I’m one of the strange people that actually doesn’t mind the taste of gin, but if you don’t like gin you will still like this! It’s more of a cocktail flavour than your standard G&T.

The following day we went on a trip down memory lane to Mr Moo’s Ice Cream Parlour which stands prominently in both of our childhoods.
We had breakfast there (which ended up being one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a long time!), swiftly followed by ice cream 😂 you can’t not on a birthday can you?! 😉

When we finished our ice creams and had visited the cows we then made our way to the Yorkshire Belle (e.g my first ever boat ride!) for a cruise to Flamborough Head and back again.
As very much a city girl it was amazing and surreal to see land from the sea, and see the sights of the cliffs (some of them were shaped like elephants!) and to see the Queen rock.

IMG_4599You can see both of us on this photo!

It was a perfect way to finish my week of holiday!


Yorkshire Belle photo credits: Mark Smales