I recently discovered scrapbooking, and I instantly knew it was a hobby I wanted to take up and use as a outlet for my energies.

What brought it on?

I got the idea from watching one of Zoe Sugg‘s vlogs, where she showed her HP Sprocket and her creating her first page. I knew as soon as I saw this that it’d be a really positive hobby for me to have and I couldn’t wait to get started!

What is my essential starter kit?

I decided to jump in at the deep end and buy everything I thought I would need so that I could create pages I was super proud of.

I was in anticipation waiting for everything to arrive, and when it all finally did, I’d made a list of everything I wanted to document.

Do I back date the scrapbook or do I start clean?

It’s totally up to you! It’s your scrapbook and your memories!
I decided to start mine from 2017 because I really wanted to document my graduation as it’s something that makes me beam with joy. This led me onto doing a ‘2017 At A Glance’ page, filled to the brim with my favourite memories of that year and I want to do a year at a glance page for each year that I’m scrapbooking!

As I started scrapbooking in December 2018, I wanted to document 2018 too, I’d done so much and travelled to so many places I couldn’t bear to keep them out.

I make sure I give every memory a dedicated page, or a double spread or more depending on how many photos I have! My trip to Amsterdam has 3 pages!

Why does it make me happy?

My scrapbook is a place for my happiest memories, and makes them visual and tangible.
There’s nothing more I love than opening my scrapbook and seeing everyone in it look so happy. Plus there is no negativity in that book. It doesn’t matter what happened past that point, whether I fell out with friends or if the hangover wasn’t worth it – that captured moment has so many good memories and feelings attached to it.

My advice for newbie scrapbookers

Don’t care about what another persons scrapbook looks like.
Don’t worry that you might not be the most creative person ever.

You will work out what page layouts you want to adapt, and if you don’t want to use scrap card like most people – then don’t!

This is your book, your memories.

Your scrapbook isn’t Instagram, it’s a happy place.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my newest hobby!

Clare x