Monthly Reviews

September Review

September has been quite a quiet month for me, although its held a lot of changes. I’ve made a few changes in my life recently and I’m extremely happy with their outcomes.

🌍 Places I’ve been this month include:

  • Whitby

📚 Books I’m reading:

  • Dracula! It’s been almost a year of on and off reading but I’m getting there!

🌟 Main highlights this month:

  • Dracula performance at Whitby Abbey
  • Luna Cinema
  • Mum’s birthday

👏🏻 Things I’ve learnt:

  • If you’re not happy, change it.

A Day In Whitby

Whitby has always been one of my happy places as I’ve got such good memories of visiting with my family.
We went to Whitby at the beginning of the month for a day out at a different seaside town.
It took us quite a while to get there, but we had such a lovely coastal view through it that it didn’t both us!

Our first stop was Whitby Abbey, which is a beautiful English Heritage site which towers over Whitby town.
We had really good warm weather and we timed our arrival perfectly for a performance of Dracula. It was a very interactive show, where you followed the actors around the abbey to immerse yourself in the history and by the end you could really appreciate Bram Stokers vision for Dracula!

We then went to lunch at one of the local fish and chip restaurants, everything was cooked perfectly and one of the best things about it was that it was dog friendly – which meant the dog could be with us all day.
If you’re ever in Whitby I highly recommend Abbey Wharf for a sit down fish and chip meal!

After food we wandered around the town and into the sweet shops and finished our day by walking up to the whale bones.

Luna Cinema

The Luna Cinema is an outdoor cinema experience where you can watch a film in a beautiful outdoor setting while either cuddled up in on a blanket or on a camp chair.
We went to the showing of The Greatest Showman at Harewood House and I loved it!

The atmosphere was incredible, and having everyone sing along was a lot of fun!

The bit I loved most was taking a picnic blanket, cushions and blankets and getting all cosy for the film to start – this is something I’ve only ever seen in the movies so experiencing it was incredible!


Quote Of The Month

Image result for dr seuss happiness quotesPhoto Credits – Bright Drops