The Best Bath Salts Around

In my opinion!

Have you ever stumbled across a little gem of a shop, bought something on a whim and ended up loving it?
This is what happened to me last year when I walked into The Cabinet of Curiosities for the first time, it is a beauty and bathing that also sells a plethora of unique collectors items and clothing. It really is a peculiar shop!
It’s built-in an old-fashioned pharmacy and they have left the interior as it was and so the shop has such an enticing feel as you don’t know what you will find in there!

When I visited last year I was drawn towards their bathing collection (which they make themselves!) and in particular their bath salts.
I’d never used bath salts before and I liked that these were in powder form. I impulsively bought the 100g version in both lavender and rose.
As soon as I used them I instantly fell in love.
They make the water so silky smooth, give off a lovely scent that lingers on the skin and does have a slight moisturising factor.

Dare I say I even rate them over LUSH bath bombs?!

After my recent trip to Haworth (read about it here) I went back to the shop and this time picked up 400g jar of each! Hopefully this should take me to next year now!
I’m thrilled to have these back in my life and I’m now super excited for my next bath!

Next time you are in Haworth definitely add visiting this shop to your to do list!

You can purchase the lavender bath salts here.

You can purchase the rose bath salts here.

Or visit their online shop to see what they sell!