Tips For A First Time Developer

With most graduates starting to go into full-time work there’s no better time for a few tips for first time developers!

I really wish that when I had begun my career in software development that there had been some advice from someone who has been through it all!

Tip 1: Learn off the people around you

Although it might see daunting at first, lean on those around you to gain knowledge. It’s vital to remember that no-one wants you to fail! Everyone is rooting for you, and because of that everyone wants to help you!
Remember that there are lots of ways to solve a problem, and no two people will tackle a piece of logic the same so work with as many people as you can so that you can learn how you want to tackle a piece of work.

Tip 2: Sometimes it’s smarter to learn frameworks first

Long time developers please don’t @ me for this!

Yes I understand the use of knowing a language in its purest form, however if your company uses React.js then what is the point spending lots of time learning vanilla JavaScript when you could spend that time learning React?!

This is what I did and I don’t think it has affected my career at all. There is importance in understanding the foundations of your chosen language but you can learn that from the people around you!

Tip 3: Self-learn

There is only a certain amount you can learn from your colleagues in a certain time span, so there is a need for self-learning, whether this be through a tutor, coding club or through tutorials.

If you are planning to use tutorials, you can always rely on YouTube but here are some websites dedicated to teaching programming.

Free websites:

Paid Websites:

Tip 4: If you need help, ask for it!

It may sound simple, but it’s true! If you don’t know anyone that could help try websites like Stack Overflow and Reddit.
But if you do know someone, then ask them! People generally always help others, but if someone helps you, remember to one day pay it forward and help others learn this skill!

Tip 5: Go to meet ups

Get involved in the local community and attend meet ups!
Download the Meetup app and get stuck in straight away, you’ll meet some awesome people who have the same interests as you, and you’ll hear some truly inspirational people talk – and did I mention there’s generally a trip to the pub afterwards if everything else didn’t twist your arm! 😉

Tip 6: Stay humble

Don’t be jealous of anyone. Everyone deserves to be where they are, that’s why they are in the positions they are.
Everyone has started at the bottom, you won’t be there for long, so when you do get promoted stay humble and offer help to those around you.

You’re about to start an amazing journey in one of the best industries, make sure you treasure every moment. ❤️