Ways of Mindfulness: Walking

What are your thoughts on walking and hiking? 🚶🏻‍♀️

I love it! ❤️

It doesn’t matter on the destination, but there is nothing quite like lacing up my walking boots and going for a walk in the countryside.

My favourite walks are in the Brontë country. Detaching myself from city life and getting lost among the heather filled fields that inspired some of my favourite novels is a wonderful feeling.
Walking across the rugged moors you can almost hear Cathy and Heathcliff calling out for each other in the wind.

Whilst walking I find a sense of serenity and escapism that truly makes me appreciate how beautiful the world is, and no matter what the weather is like, the landscapes will take my breath away.


As I’ve got older I have discovered that there are some beautiful green spaces in the middle of cities. Even in the city centre you can find parks if you look hard enough!
But some of the most surprising and beautiful are hidden in the middle of suburbia, one minute you could be driving on a popular A road or dual carriageway – the next you are surrounded by acres of green and trees.

IMG_0278 It’s in these spaces that you can truly let go of everything and just enjoy nature.

But this feeling of serenity doesn’t have to only happen while traipsing along the moors and dales, but by simply going to a park or, a new one I discovered recently, walking along the beach. 🌊

IMG_0349 However, the beach brought out another side in me, a much more giddy childish side that gleefully said ‘Oh my god – its the sea! I can see the sea!’ and running on the cliff tops to get a better view of the calm expanse of water that was laid out in front of me.

I once read one of Zoella’s blog posts many years ago saying how she found the sound of the sea calming and now I can truly appreciate what she meant. The sound of the calm waves hitting the seafront and rolling onto the sand was wonderful.
Sitting on the promenade I felt so happy.

If you have read my New Year, New Me? blog post, you will know how one of my resolutions of this year is to become more mindful, and walking is definitely one of the ways I working towards that, alongside the Calm app. ⭐️