Why I Love Guiding

🎉 Happy Thinking Day! 🎉

To those who aren’t aware of Thinking Day, it is one of the biggest events in the Guiding and Scouting calendar, as it is our founders’ Lord Baden-Powell and his wife, Lady Baden-Powell’s birthday.

Thinking Day is celebrated all across the world and each country, region and division will celebrate it differently. Where I live we generally hold division event, which brings everyone who is part of guiding together.

In celebration of Thinking Day this year, I thought I would write a brief overview of Girlguiding and why I love being a part of it.

What is Guiding?

In 1907, Lord Baden-Powell (LBP) started the Scouts. His aims were to teach boys about the military through wilderness survival.
His movement kicked off and had a large uptake from boys across the country, and in 1909 he held the first rally for these boys at Crystal Palace in London. However, it wasn’t just boys that showed up. Girls and young women had heard about the scouting movement and wanted part of it. At this time scouting was remote and you sent off for badges and certificates via the post, so it was never picked up on that girls were part of it.

LBP asked the girls what they were doing at the rally as scouting was for boys. They told him how much they loved the programme and if they could have ‘something for the girls’.
Thanks to these girls and young women, the girl guides were born.

Since this the movement has gone from strength to strength and has members from all across the world, one which I am very proud to be a part of.

There are 5 sections that make up the association:

Amongst these there are Leaders, Unit Helpers, Peer Educators and more!

Why do I love being a part of it?

It brought me out of my shell!

When I was younger and just starting Brownies I was a shy child.
I always worried about what other people thought, and didn’t push myself out of my comfort zone.
Then I joined Guiding. It’s taken a lot of years but the organisation changed this. I saw girls and women of all ages not afraid to be silly around each other, and each one come to grasps with their own voices.

When I was younger I was the most indoorsey person. I loved nothing more than being at home and curling up with a book, however now I love the outdoors – camping, zip-lining, abseiling, cooking outdoors and so much more!



The friendships

Through Guiding I have met my two best friends, Beki and Shauna. They are my camping sisters, my closest confidants and my Nando’s buddies.
But, I’ve also met such a wide variety of people through it as well, and when you are young I think this is extremely important, as you need friends outside of school too.

Meeting the last Chief Guide

It gives me a voice

In January 2017 I became a Peer Educator. Which means I was trained to deliver sessions on mental health to Brownies and onwards.
It’s great delivering these sessions as it lets the girls know they have a support network they can lean on, and that Guiding is a safe environment for them.

It’s amazing watching the girls come out of their shells throughout the sessions and become more confident!

These are only a few reasons why I enjoy it so much and I can’t recommend it enough. Through this I’ve travelled up and down the country (hopefully internationally one day too!) and have had so many opportunities opened up to me!

If any of this sounds like it might interest you then definitely checkout their website!