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Zoella Beauty: Splash Botanics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you will know that Zoella launched her new limited edition beauty line Splash Botanics in the past couple of months.

I’ve been a fan of Zoella beauty ever since it’s beginning in 2014. I remember on release day a friend and I sneaked out of college and into town to get her first scent Blissful Mistful. I was instantly a huge fan of the scent and I still am!

Ever since I’ve bought something from each of her collections (the only one I haven’t was the last christmas collection) so this release was no different.

The scent is proclaimed to be ‘Light, green notes combined with delicate freesia give you the perfect scent for sunny days and long summer nights.’

I purchased three things from the range, the body mist, the body sorbet and the body wash.

I did buy these in the first week of the products being released, however I really wanted to test the products before I wrote a review!

Botanic’eau Body Mist

This scent has to be one of my favourites for a long time! It really is freshly scented – and it definitely has green notes!
I wore this while I was on holiday as it really is the perfect holiday scent, and one of the best things about Zoella Beauty scents is that although they are body mists they are slightly more concentrated so you can wear them as a perfume!

The packaging is beautiful, it comes in the trademark square glass bottle with banana leaf print on the back and leaf printed lid.

RRP £8.00 for 45ml

Quench Me Body Sorbet

I was worried when I bought this that the product my go quickly however I think this is my all time favourite Zoella Beauty product.
The cream is lightly whipped so that it feels… well… light! A little really goes a long way for this!
It’s very moisturising on the skin, soaks in quickly and is not greasy in the slightest!
I do think the scent of the body sorbet is different to the mist, but it is still extremely pleasant and I like the difference!

RRP £7.00 for 200ml

Make A Splash Moisturising Body Wash

This is the product I’m most disappointed with.
The product is beautiful, super creamy and really does moisturise your skin, however it doesn’t seem to have as much product in as the other body washes do.
This is a thicker consistency, so that has to be taken into consideration, but after a month of semi-regular use my bottle is almost empty! A problem I’ve never encountered with other body washes from the brand.

Apart from this it is an extremely good product and I would recommend it!

RRP £6.00 for 160ml

What do you think of the Splash Botanics collection? What is your favourite product?