Zoella x Colourpop Collection Review

I’ve finally got my hands on my Zoella x Colourpop collection and it is stunning! (We won’t talk about the shipping issue…)
On first glance it’s giving me major 70s vibes and I’m loving it, it’s so nice to come across a themed range that has fully stuck to the theme, from the egg themed base products, to the gorgeous eyeshadow pallete!

The packaging itself is quite inventive, for example, the milk bottle lip sets, however I do feel like it has a slight childish vibe to it, as it’s something I’d expect to see from Too Faced rather than Colourpop, however this is just my opinion and has no detriment to the products inside.

So lets jump into the review!

Brunch Date Eyeshadow Palette

This was the product I was most excited about, although I’d never tried any Colourpop products before I’d heard glowing reports about their eyeshadows.

And this product really did not disappoint!

The formulas are amazing, and the product pay off is incredible! You don’t even need to wet your brush to make the glitters look blinding!

I know there was a lot of controversy about this palette as it was being dubbed as “another brown palette with a pop of blue“, but in my opinion that’s the beauty of the palette.
I own so many colourful palettes but I can only reach for them on a night out, I’m not looking to wear reds, blue and greens on a weekday!
This palette is my perfect ‘work week’ palette. I can just pop any colour (ok minus the blue) on my lid and I’m ready to go!

Creme Gel Liners

I was super hesitant about these as I haven’t used stick eyeliner since I was in high school. I swear by the Rimmel Glameyes so I knew I had to be super blown away by these to stray from my holy grail product!

The formula of the eyeliners are super creamy and a little really does go a long way!
The black colour (shade xoxo) is great for lining your waterline and tightline for a smokey and sultry look, and the brown (shade Sincerly Yours) is great for my work looks. I do quick line and then smoke it out with a eyebrow brush.

Pressed Powders

I’m torn in two with the pressed powders.

Soul Mate, the blusher, is gorgeous. The colour pay off is great, and especially with my skin tone, gives an English Rose glow to your cheeks. It’s not a harsh baby pink at all, but if you wanted it darker it’s very buildable!
However, Swipe Right doesn’t suit me. In the pan it looks like a gold toned white, but on my skin it’s very pink, so it looks like a glittery blusher.
I keep giving it the benefit of the doubt, and I trying to make it work but my other highlighters are being reached for more than this one.

Group Hug Supernova Shadow Bundle

Again these were products I was very hesitant about as I’d never used liquid shadows before.

But I’m converted!

These are two beautiful colours, that do look similar in there packaging, look very different on the skin, one is more gold toned, and the other has more of a rose gold hint.

I put the gold one on top of eye look I created with the Bruch Date palette and you could still see the colours underneath which made me super happy!
The product dries really quickly too which is a huge benefit!

Lip Bundles

I’m officially converted to Colourpop liquid lipsticks.
The formula is great and I don’t feel like my lips are as dry as a desert!
I own quite a few Kylie lip kits and now I’m reaching for these more!
They last all day without need for a top-up!
Little One is my new work lip colour, with @ Me becoming my weekend colour.
Unfortunately I haven’t had an opportunity to wear Self Love Club yet but I love a red lip so it won’t be long!

All in all I wholly recommend buying something from the Zoella x Colourpop collection – or anything from Colourpop!
I’ll definitely be putting an order in soon for some of their matte liquid lipsticks!

Have you tried out any of the products? What do you think?

Clare x